Company code of conduct:

Intimate Apparels Ltd. is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and its products through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvements in environmental performance. As a minimum it comply with the relevant environmental laws in the local community where it operate. Intimate Apparels Ltd. is committed to respecting ethical standards and local regulations when it comes to minimum salaries, working conditions and social security in all its work locations.

1. Labour:

2. Environment: Company will comply with all environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to their processes and practices environmentally in their work environment.

3. Custom Compliance: Company will comply with all applicable custom laws and in particulars establishes and will comply with laws regarding illegal transshipments.

4. Consumer Protection: company will take all reasonable steps to ensure the goods they produce are safe and are not harmful to consumers.

5. Anti-corruption & bribery: Company will conduct all business in an honest and ethical manner. Zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and will commit to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all dealings.

6. Compliance with Laws & Work Place Regulation: company will update continuously and comply with local and national laws and regulations including buyers requirements related to all work place regulations and social laws including environmental regulations.

7. Management Systems: The management system designed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, identification and mitigation of operational risks.

8. Security: Company will have good security practices across their supply chains. Suppliers will maintain processes and standards that are designed to assure the integrity of each shipment to Bayer from its origin through to its destination and all points in between. Suppliers are expected to implement the necessary and appropriate measures in their area of responsibility to ensure that Bayer products, their workable components or raw materials as well as the corresponding know-how do not end up in the hands of counterfeiters or third parties and do not leave the legal supply chain.

9. Reporting of Violations: Any actual or suspected dislocation of the Intimate Code of conduct and supplemental standards can be reported via the following email address: